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November 18 2017

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“Here in the Pacific, 200 metres down, we enter an alien world… This is barreleye a fish with a transparent head filled with jelly so that it can look up through its skull.” - Sir David Attenborough

Blue Planet II

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November 17 2017

Flight Attendant
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Sammelt das eigentlich jemand?
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November 16 2017

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thing about worrying
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When you succeed in automating a repetitive task

/* by Samuel Vimaire */

Bunnies And Their Kitten Doppelgängers
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November 14 2017

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i took a pic of me watching the pickle rick episode to piss people off but like somehow i managed to take the pic so that the frame on the tv was…. a different frame to the reflection on the desk?

cursed image

this is the most fucked up scenario that accurately depicts that movement of photons through space and time

Einstein would be so upset that you proved his theory in one moment, cause in his day it took fuckin months to setup an eclipse pic to prove relativity n you did it by accident, in ur living room. congrats.

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